Star Wars ’76 Matmata

Author & Photographer : Alessandro Del Ben lanuvolabianca Star Wars location set, visit Tatooine planet The movie Star Wars 4 was partially filmed in southern Tunisia (the planet Tatooine in the movies), The movie director George Lucas chose it as a location for filming parts of his “Star Wars” series. The Tunisian Sahara was transformed into … More Star Wars ’76 Matmata

Traditional Berber Food

Author & Photographer : Alessandro Del Ben lanuvolabianca Tunisian cuisine & Traditional food   The Tunisian cuisine is a mix of Mediterranean and desert culinary traditions. In addition to the native Berber people, many civilizations alternated in centuries. Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Turkish and Franch. Tunisian cuisine mainly based on meat, seafood, tomatoes, olive oil, spices, and … More Traditional Berber Food

New Year’s Eve in Rome

Author & Photographer : Alessandro Del Ben lanuvolabianca Rome is celebrating New Year’s Eve in style, with around 600.000 visitors gathering at the colosseum to welcome in 2015! The spectacular firework display starts at midnight At Circus Maximus for the New Year’s concert . The programme of live music and entertainment ensures a good mood, The … More New Year’s Eve in Rome