Awesome Panorama of Northern Italy

Author & Photographer : Alessandro Del Ben

Northern Italy, Trentino Alto Adige.

DSC_1149 (3)


Trekking of Thinking Christ

DSC_1261 (2)

DSC_1173 (2)

DSC_1152 (2)

DSC_1231 (2)

DSC_1306 (2)

Panorama from the top of Thinking Christ mountain

DSC_1322 (2)

DSC_1327 (2)

DSC_1329 (2)

DSC_1064 (2)

DSC_1107 (2)

DSC_1167 (2)

High grazing land in Dolomites

DSC_1283 (2)

DSC_1262 (2)

The majestic mountains “Pale of S. Martino”. Cimon della Pala

DSC_1298 (2)

DSC_1288 (2)


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