Haze Skyline of Center Italy

Author & Photographer : Alessandro Del Ben



View from the City of Ripatransone in the Marche region of center Italy.

DSC_0696 (2)

 DSC_0707 (3)


 DSC_0748 (3)



IMG_2198 (2)

The “Calanchi” are a typical ground conformation characterize this geographical area in Marche region of Italy


DSC_0750 (3)

View of the Mt. “Gran Sasso” from the city of Ripatransone. This big mountain situated in Abruzzo region is the massif of center Italy

DSC_0711 (3)

DSC_0684 (2)

The Cathedral of S. Gregorio Magno and S. Margherita in Ripatransone

DSC_0704 (2)

From an altitude about 500 mt on the sea level, Ripatransone overlook the mist-shrouded land all around. The City is one of the most ancient center in the Region.

DSC_0677 (2)

DSC_0747 (3)

DSC_0738 (3)

DSC_0708 (4)

DSC_0698 (2)

DSC_0693 (2)

DSC_0721 (2)

DSC_0743 (3)

DSC_0658 (3)

DSC_0664 (3)

IMG_4937 (2)

The view in south-east direction face to adriatic sea. Here the city of “Grottammare and S. Benedetto del Tronto.

DSC_0732 (3)

IMG_4216 (2)

The big mountain of “Gran Sasso” in Abruzzo region (center Italy)

This picture is taken from the higway that proceed for 10 km into a tunnel under the big mountain


Author & Photographer : Alessandro Del Ben

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