Lost in Beijing, stories of people



Author & Photographer : Alessandro Del Ben


The hidden face of china, Beijing.

Everyday, thousands of workmans works in the capital of China.

I  taken this pictures before olimpic games in Beijing, before china changed forever.

IMGP0022 (2)


IMGP0020 (2)


IMGP0008 (3)



IMGP0136 (2)

In the name of “progress”, setting in Beijing.

IMGP0019Sunrise in Beijing

IMGP0004 (2)


IMGP0016 (2)Inside the “honky tonk” like this one is hidden the real everyday life of the people in the cities of China

IMGP0017Baozi (steam bread) for breakfast. Chinese traditional food.

IMGP0174 (2)


IMGP0018 (2)The train in 798 art district, Beijing

IMGP0005 (2)


Chinese New year’s. About one month of fireworks without stop


IMGP0035Practice Kung fu in the winter morning

IMGP0244 (2)Play chinese draughts


IMGP0003 (2)


The china central televition headquarters, building in progress.


IMGP0001 (2)New building in the fog, Beijing.






IMGP0002 (2)


IMGP0008 (2)


Old & new


IMGP0013 (2)


Old district deleted.


IMGP0019 (2)


Pekingese breed


IMGP0009 (2)

Homeless in beijing. To show a modern face, the peking governament want to hide the person in this situation and often take this people away fom the city.


IMGP0026 (2)


The mythological animals on the roof of an old house in the hutong


IMGP0027 (2)


Church of Wangfujing


IMGP0029 (2)


IMGP0103 (2)


Kid go to school in early morning


IMGP0227 (2)


Houhai frozen lake in winter


IMGP0082 (2)


Eggs shell in one street of a village in northern China



IMGP0232 (2)


New buildings appears in Beijing


IMGP0057 (2)

Author & Photographer : Alessandro Del Ben










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