Essaouira street food, fish from ocean

Author & Photographer : Alessandro Del Ben

Just fresh fish from the atlantic ocean, cooked on embers and eaten!

The way of the fish, from the ocean to the Essaouira tables kiosks.

First, the boats goes to fish

DSC_0217Second,Fishermans cleans the fish and sell it









DSC_0225Third, people cooks the fish in the kiosk near the harbour of Essaouira





DSC_0189For just few dhiram you can eat delicious fresh fish

DSC_0237Dates and others dry fruits are sold in souq market




DSC_0261According to Greek legend, Athena, goddess of wisdom, created the olive tree with immortal life and the gift of healing wounds. A symbol of divine power, hope and loyalty, olive oil has a unique status in all mediterranean countries. In morocco the scene has repeated itself for centuries in the countryside: through a half open door of a whitewashed shed, the rise of a winter sun reveal a camel or mule slowly turning around a vat. The millstone is activated, grindings the latest harvest of olives brought in by the villagers. The resulting pulp is poured into large round baskets which are squeezed in a press. The oil obtained will supply the inhabitants for the coming year. There are a huge number of these simple “maasras” throughout Morocco, despite the disapproval of the authorities, who favour  industrial production methods.


Author & Photographer : Alessandro Del Ben




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