Dublin & Guinness storehouse

Author & PhotographerAlessandro Del Ben
Dublin has a vibrant nightlife and is reputedly one of Europe’s most youthful cities, there are many pubs across the city centre, with the area around St. Stephens Green and Grafton Street especially Harcourt Street, Camden Street, Wexford Street and Leeson Street, having the most popular nightclubs and pubs. The best known area for nightlife is Temple Bar. It was developed as Dublin’s cultural quarter and does retain this spirit as a centre for small arts productions, photographic and artists’ studios, and in the form of street performers and small music venues.

The Temple Bar

DSC_0911 (2)

Though an earlier licence had existed on part of the current side of The Temple Bar, we can directly trace the existing licence back to 1840 when enterprising publican, Cornelius O’Meara, Grocer, Tea, Wine and Spirit Merchant acquired this blossoming location at the corner of Temple Lane and adjacent to Samuel Figgis, Porter Merchant, who run this thirvingbrewing business here. The city of Dublin was experiencing something of an economic renaissance at this time and Temple Bar was idyllically placed between the river and the administrative centre of Dublin.

DSC_0904 (2)Every Nights in many pubs of Dublin enjoy the live music

Merchants Arch

DSC_0894 (3)The Norseman

DSC_0901 (2)


Guinness Storehouse

Guinness is one of the most successful beer brands worldwide. To many Dublin is the heart and soul of Ireland, and Guinness is at the heart of the city itself.


guinness (2)

Guinness Storehouse Day 6 0213

guinness s (2)

Author & PhotographerAlessandro Del Ben



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