Star Wars ’76 Matmata

Author & Photographer : Alessandro Del Ben


Star Wars location set, visit Tatooine planet


The movie Star Wars 4 was partially filmed in southern Tunisia (the planet Tatooine in the movies), The movie director George Lucas chose it as a location for filming parts of his “Star Wars” series. The Tunisian Sahara was transformed into Tatooine, the planet with twin suns that was the birthplace of Luke Skywalker.

This is the Matmata location set were was used for courtyard shots and Lars dinner scene. The homestead also featured in Attack of the Clones.

Today the 20 buildings of Mos Espa situated northwest of the city of Tozeur is partially covered by the desert’s sand dunes.


I’m safe from the ‘Star wars movies fever’ 🙂 but i can imagine what an emotion can be stay inside the house of Luke Skywalker for someone who care to the epical movie!


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