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Traditional berber food

Traditional Berber Food

Author & Photographer : Alessandro Del Ben lanuvolabianca Tunisian cuisine & Traditional food   The Tunisian cuisine is a mix of Mediterranean and desert culinary traditions. In addition to the native Berber people, many civilizations alternated in centuries. Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Turkish and Franch. Tunisian cuisine mainly based on […]

Galway & street market

Author & Photographer : Alessandro Del Ben   Galway is known as Ireland’s Cultural Heart and is renowned for its vibrant lifestyle and numerous festivals. As in most Irish cities traditional music is popular and is kept alive in pubs and by street performers. Galway city is a […]

Marrakech street food

Author & Photographer : Alessandro Del Ben In Marrakech you can find a big variety of traditional food and spices A tajine or tagine is a historically Berber dish from North Africa that is named after the type of earthenware pot in which it is cooked. The traditional method of cooking with a […]

Prague Street Food

Author & Photographer : Alessandro Del Ben Tipical food Vepřo-knedlo-zelo, il piatto nazionale dei cechi. Le 3 parole significano “(arrosto di) maiale, gnocchi, crauti”. La carne viene aromatizzata con aglio ed insaporisce gli altri componenti del piatto, dove dominano i sapori della pancetta e del kümmel. Knedlíky, gnocchi boemi. […]

Beijing street food

Donghuamen’s night market stretches along a road north of Wangfujing in Beijing. It offers a variety of traditional cuisines coming from different regions of China. It is possible to taste spits made with insects such as scorpions and enormous spiders while grasshoppers make a good starter. There is […]