Italy Circeo National park and the white Sperlonga

Photographer : Alessandro Del Ben Truglia tower Sperlonga is a coastal town in the province of Latina, Italy, about halfway between Rome and Naples. Surrounding towns include Terracina to the West, Fondi to the North, Itri to the North-East, and Gaeta to the East. Located near the Via Appia, but also on the edge of the Pontine Marshes, Roman “Spelunca” (Latin … More Italy Circeo National park and the white Sperlonga

Beijing street food

Donghuamen’s night market stretches along a road north of Wangfujing in Beijing. It offers a variety of traditional cuisines coming from different regions of China. It is possible to taste spits made with insects such as scorpions and enormous spiders while grasshoppers make a good starter. There is also larva, some types of shellfish, starfish, … More Beijing street food